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Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman

English for Academics Professional and Purposes Student

Great school!!!!! My experience at Smarty.One has been exceptional.  The tutors are the friendly and accommodating. You can see how passionate they are in teaching.  In addition to this, the administration is very open with suggestions and evaluation which makes a great part of the institution. 

Megan Hayward

Megan Hayward

IELTS Preparation 1 Student

We're loving it! Smarty.One  is highly recommended. Their tutors, curriculum and courses are the best.  It brings out the greatness in every student. It's simply  the best school for me. 

Natasha Hope

Natasha Hope

IELTS Preparation 2 Student

The tutors are really sweet and amazing! I rated it five stars. Their courses are such a gem. I am one of the students here at IELTS exam preparation and all I had a great experience in developing my skills in reading, speaking, listening and writing. 

Charles Dale

Charles Dale

Parent of three students in English for Children course

Our family loves this school! I have three children who are attending their English for children course and they absolutely love and tutor's teaching method. My kids have a problem in reading before , but now they can read really stories fast. There's an improvement for just one month. In addition to this, I love how tutors are so friendly and open-minded. I am so glad I put my daughter and son in this school. I highly recommend it. 

David Patterson

David Patterson

General English Advanced Student

I have learned so much since I enrolled in their General English course. I was able to pass my language proficiency test at work with their help. I can say that, I have grown so much since I enrolled here. It is one of the best decision I've made I am forever grateful for this. I highly recommended it.

Ava Johnson

Ava Johnson

Parent of one of the student in English for Children course

Smarty.One is the best! My kid is very happy in this school. Tutors are really passionate to see their student succeed. Before attending the English for children course, my daughter didn't know how to write or read. She also has a problem with socializing with others. However, after just one month of attending the course, there has been a tremendous change with her literacy and social skills. This school creates an environment of kindness, responsibility and leadership.  


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