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Terms of Service

Smarty One Terms and conditions

Smarty One  offers the best online and offline language classes with our  topnotch and native tutors across the globe.   In connection with this, below are the following terms and conditions for students and tutors regarding the use of websites. These terms and conditions are in accordance with the local, national and international laws. 

The Importance of Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are important to show the contractual rights and agreement between the stakeholders and company. In addition, it is also a way to protect the rights, duties, roles, responsibilities, privacy, information and  obligations of the members and customers of the company.

At Smarty. One, we are committed to deliver services which are encompassed with local, national and international laws. 

Scope of the Agreement 

Smarty. One aims to maintain the right to change its terms and conditions from time to time depending on the circumstances. The stakeholders will be notified for the following reasons and changes which will be reflected in the website.

The Service

Smarty.One will provide the best services to all of our stakeholders such as; the tutors, students, administrators and staff. In line with this, we specifically offer various language classes such as; Italian, English and Japanese just to name a few. 


The students can enroll directly to our website and complete an online application form. Furthermore, each name of the student should be deliberately encoded on the website and would appear on the history  of the student section.  The following information should be reflected in the the enrollment history for verification purposes:

  • Student

  • Tutor

  • Item

  • Type 

  • Date 

  • Status of the student

  • Actions

Smarty.One welcomes all students from different backgrounds, race, gender, nationality, age, status and educational attainment. 

Course List

Students at Smarty.One are all welcome to enroll in different language courses and learn via live classes and text courses. In addition to this, tutors and administrators are in-charge of the input of the student's name and status. Students are allowed to view the course list available to them on the website.

The Use of Website

 Smarty. One provides  access to the website is conditional upon agreeing to the terms and conditions. By visiting the site, the user indicates that the stakeholders understand the agreement. In line with this, the visitors should be able to provide the necessary requirements such as; personal data, data subject or consent of the user.