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5 Ways How to Speak French Eloquently

Created by Info in Articles 27 Sep 2022

Do you want to learn how to speak French eloquently? Yes, it is truly normal for us to feel anxiety on how to express yourself in another language.  Here are the five tips on how you can learn to speak French easily:

1. Simplify your sentences 

     We all want to sound like a native speaker. As an old adage goes, " All small things can lead to bigger things".  You might try to start on using two to three sentences and simple word construction. Instead of long and eloquent sentences, try to start on the shorter ones.

2. Use Present tense all the time

Tenses of the verb is one of the most challenging part of learning French. Even natives commits grammar mistakes when it comes to tenses. You might start on learning tenses of the verb on your daily routine until you really understand on how to use it properly. 

3. Improve Your Vocabulary

Start by learning the vocabulary. There's no need for you to discuss the whole vocabulary. You might begin with the most basic like how you learn to the English alphabet. You can say a for an apple and find the equal word of that in French.

4. Learn the word by the heart

When you learned it by the heart, you can never go wrong. You don't have to memorize it all, but you need to get yourself familiarize with it. Don't hesitate to say "merci (thank you) or "je vourdais'  always repeat it everyday.

5. Take to practice

Practice always make everything perfect. Take time to practice with your peers. You might fail along the way, but it is part of the process. Speak up and look at the people directly and flash a smile. 

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