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How to Learn Japanese Fast in 3 days

Created by Info in Articles 28 Sep 2022

One of the most beautiful countries on the planet is Japan and their culture remains incomparable until now. They have delicious foods and wonderful sightseeing.  This is also the reason why many people want to learn how to speak and write in Japanese. Here are the following:

1.  Take Language Class or a Japanese Course

If you don't know anything about Japanese language class. You probably clueless on the grammar structure,  The first thing you can do is find the best teacher around the corner. If taking a class isn't one of your options, you can study on your own by learning materials such as: e-books, audiobooks, quizzes and videos.

2. Listen to Language Podcasts

Everyone love listening to podcast. If you are a learning enthusiast, there are many podcast that you can choose from the difficulty ranges from the  beginner.  There are many podcast available online. It will help you to practice your speaking fluency and pronunciation.

3. Watch Many Japanese Movie As Possible

Exposure is everything. If you want to learn more about the Japanese culture, you can learn a lot by watching many Japanese people or anime.

4. Learn Katana and Hiragana

Hiragana and Katana are two 30 letter word alphabet. They provided two writing the same sounds. In connection with this, Hiragana is a general alphabet and Katana are foreign derived language. 

5. Get a Workbook

Kanji can help you to write  Kanji letters and understand its meaning. Get a workbook and dedicate an amount of time to  practice each day even it is 30 minutes per day.

6. Use Flashcards

One of the easiest way to learn Kanji is through the use of flashcards.  You can create one word or two word flashcard. You can visit Wanikani is a great flashcard site for Kanji memorization.

7. Sing Japanese Karaoke Songs

Listening to multiple songs can also help you practice your pronunciation and meaning. You can also watch on the subtitles as you sing, so you can also know the words in the songs. 

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