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How to Set Up New Learning Goals?

Created by Info in Articles 22 Sep 2022

The Importance of Setting Up a Goal

For some, it is important to set up a goal in everything that we do. As a student. you definitely need to set up a goal you want to achieve. Say for example, you want to learn how to speak Chinese or French for one month. There are different ways to how to create your language learning goals.  Here are some guidelines to effective goals such as the SMART method.

S- make your goals specific. There are more specific, the more it is easier to plan and take necessary action to it. For example, you wish to study. If you'll make a plan to study 2 hours a day. It would become fore attainable. 

M- set a measurable- Students all want to their better, but if you just want to study better. There should be a certain measurements in assessing and testing your knowledge.

A- If you are overly ambitious, you can't attain  it in just one day. So, you better make a goal that it achievable or attainable. Say for example, you want to learn how to read in Korean. You can't just read it all in one day, so you need to break it down into daily tasks. Like, learning the alphabet first before creating sentences.

R-resources for learning is definitely important for your learning. New students should assure that the resources should be principled and objective. They should provide the aim or the outcome of the language learning.

T- The activities should be timely. You should be able to follow a specific calendar and keep a tight schedule. Make sure that you are consistent with your academic calendar and your other responsibilities. 


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